Early on my path I heard it said a million times by the teachers, luminaries, and guides who most inspire my life: “find a mentor.” It sounded incredible and I craved that support. But like many teachers, in the beginning, I struggled to give back to myself with the same passion I gave to others. Mentorship begins with the realization that you are deserving of this time, energy, and commitment. When I finally gifted myself with mentors, my life took on an entirely new level of awareness, creativity, and success.

As a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, certified meditation facilitator, holistic health coach, published author, business owner, female CEO, and entrepreneur, I mentor from my direct experience with a dedication to helping you grow, learn, and continually commit to the path of living practice.

Personalized mentorship provides you with support, guidance, & accountability as you navigate your career, relationships, health, & times of personal transformation. Our time together is co-created to help you discover new insights and actions so you live a life of clarity and fulfillment.

Mentorship can be provided via one-on-one support or through group coaching circles, which are limited to a small number of participants and are conducted by video conference.

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