Yoga IS online is a wellness experience unlike any other. We have curated a group of the most respected and beloved yoga minds in the entire world all into one place. Our private interviews offer answers to some of today’s most pressing questions and biggest universal struggles. Our specialized yoga classes are designed to reduce stress, while increasing flexibility and strength. We even have musical performances from yoga rock stars like Michael Franti and Jai Uttel.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be a featured teacher for this year’s Yoga Is Online Festival launching November 18th!

This year’s festival focuses on genuine human connection. You’ll engage in your truest self as some of the world’s most revered yoga teachers show you to find bliss and centered focus amidst life’s greatest challenges, both personal and global. As our guest, you will not only have unprecedented access to this amazing wisdom and these integrable tools; you will also be reminded just how important YOUR personal contribution to global consciousness is. The growing YOGA IS community has your back.

Our yoga practice is better together and this global online festival will connects us all at a pivotal point in our human experience. Join us to learn, grow, and consciously shape our world together! Explore at 

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