Masterclass Immersion with Lauren Eckstrom

Joy Yoga Studio

Gøteborggata | Oslo

Friday Evening:
The Heart of Holistic Yoga Flow: An Embodied Experience of the 5 Koshas Lauren’s signature style of yoga, Holistic Yoga Flow, combines asana, pranayama, science, storytelling, inspiration, and meditation taking you on a journey through every layer or “kosha” of bodily experience. This workshop begins with a brief lecture on the koshas followed by an all levels practice interweaving a felt-experience of the koshas through flow, breath work, and mindfulness.

Saturday Morning:
Energy Wisdom: A Journey Through The Prana Vayus
In the subtle anatomy of yoga philosophy energy is described as flowing in 5 powerful directions known as the Prana Vayus. Understanding these pathways enhances and informs every posture and transition providing insight and focus to your practice. With an understanding of the Prana Vayus you’ll use your energy wisely and efficiently. This dynamic power yoga flow will touch every link of your bodily chain.

Saturday Evening:
Relax & Renew
Bring your Saturday to a close with a Restorative Yoga practice. Experience the healing benefits of complete surrender as you invite your mind, body, and spirit to relax and renew. This workshop is a sacred time for self care, self compassion, and deep rejuvenation as you allow effort, stress, and worry to fade away.

Sunday Morning:
Rewrite Your Story: The Power of Prakti Paksha Bhavana
How do you speak to yourself? What is your inner narrative? The stories you tell yourself create your reality. This special workshop will begin with a talk on the power of your mind and your ability to rewrite your story with courage, kindness, and clarity. Afterwards, you’ll enter into a challenging vinyasa flow where you’ll have the opportunity to transform your inner dialogue. This class will end with a supportive affirmation meditation to help you take your practice off the mat and into your life.

EarlyBird – (Book before April 15)
Price for the whole weekend: 2500 NOK
(Joy Members 2000 NOK)
Normal Price – (After April 15th)
Price for the whole weekend: 3000 NOK
(Joy members 2500 NOK)


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