Joy Yoga Weekend Workshop: Oslo, Norway

Lauren is thrilled to be returning to Joy Yoga in Oslo, Norway for a weekend of meditation and yoga! Join Lauren Friday, September 15th – Sunday, September 17th for 5 immersive masterclasses. To register visit:


Friday 15 Sep

5:30pm – 7:30pm
Meditation Workshop: In this workshop you will explore the many facets of meditation and mindfulness practice. Beginning with an overview on the science of meditation, Lauren will then help guide you to a deeper understanding of how to apply meditation practice to daily living. You will practice a variety of meditation techniques with time and space to learn the fundamentals of each practice. This workshop is perfect for new meditators and established meditators alike. Lauren brings her compassionate nature, sense of humor and joy of storytelling to help make the practice of meditation fun and easy to understand for anyone. Prepare to go deep into the dynamic experience of stillness.

Saturday 16 Sep
10am – 12pm
Transitioning with Awareness On & Off the Mat: What does balance truly mean? How do we face uncertainty and how can our yoga practice support us in time of change? In a world that is in constant motion, in a body that is always in flux, this workshop will explore the many facets of physical balance through yoga asana, pranayama and meditation as a pathway toward learning how to move through life with equanimity, joy, compassion and love. This workshop is focused on transitioning through yoga postures with steadiness, grace, stability and ease so that you can transition through life imbued with the same qualities. This workshop includes a Holistic Yoga Flow practice with a theme on balance & transitions, pranayama and meditation

Saturday 16 Sep
2pm – 4pm
Cultivating Self-Care: A combination gentle and yin yoga workshop that is well-rounded, kind, patient and healing. This 2 hour class moves slowly and sensuously, giving you time to ground, reflect and heal. This workshop is appropriate for yoga practitioners of all levels (beginners welcome). The workshop begins with a dharma talk on self-compassion helping to explain the science and benefits of self-compassion and revealing how one can practice compassion inwardly. The workshop end with a loving-kindness meditation.

Sunday 17 Sep
10am – 12pm
Experiencing the Elements: The same elements that comprise the planet exist inside of each and every one of us. In the subtle anatomy of yoga philosophy these elements are called the Maha Bhutas and they include earth, wind, water, fire, and ether. In this 2 hour workshop, discover these elements alive inside of you and how you can use the qualities of these elements to become more fluid or grounded, energized or serene. This Holistic Yoga Flow class incorporates a physical experience of the Maha Bhutas or 5 elements through yoga asana, pranayama and a guided Visualization Meditation

Sunday 17th Sep
2pm – 4pm
Restorative Yoga Workshop: Lauren is a passionate Restorative Yoga teacher who believes in the healing benefits of tapping into the body’s natural relaxation response. Weaving themes of compassion, storytelling, and the science and benefit of mindfulness, she will take you on a 2 hour restorative yoga journey toward total relaxation. The practice ends with a Yoga Nidra style body scan and long Savasana.

EarlyBird – (Book before August 15th)
Price for the whole weekend: 2500 NOK
(Joy Members 2000 NOK)

Normal Price – (After August 15th)
Price for the whole weekend: 3000 NOK
(Joy members 2500 NOK)


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