JOY Yoga Festival: Norway

Join me in beautiful Oslo, Norway for the JOY Yoga Festival! I will sharing 4 incredible workshops over this amazing weekend, all taking place in one of Norway’s most stunning museums! To learn more & to purchase tickets please visit:

The Science & Practice of Meditation

Friday March 24th: Time TBD

In this 3 hour workshop you will explore the many facets of meditation and mindfulness practice. Beginning with an overview on the science of meditation, Lauren will then help guide you to a deeper understanding of how to apply meditation practice to daily living. You will practice a variety of meditation techniques with time and space to learn the fundamentals of each practice. This workshop is perfect for new meditators and established meditators alike. Lauren brings her compassionate nature, sense of humor and joy of storytelling to help make the practice of meditation fun and easy to understand for anyone. Prepare to go deep into the dynamic experience of stillness.

Trust & Let Go

Saturday March 25th: 10am – 11:30am

Recovering the Relationship with your Inner Teacher: A Holistic Yoga Flow practice complete with detoxifying & twisting yoga poses to release resistance and fear, a guided Intuition/Intention Meditation & a written exercise after Savasana to reclaim connection to Intuition or Source.

Yoga & The Practice of Self-Compassion

Saturday March 25th: 15pm – 16:30pm

This workshop, focused on cultivating self compassion, begins with a talk on self compassion and what it means to practice compassion inwardly. This is a Gentle Yoga class that ends with a Loving Kindness Meditation.

The Journey to Gratitude

Sunday March 26th: 9am – 10:30am

A heart opening, backbending themed Holistic Yoga Flow practice (level 2+) with pranayama, Gratitude Meditation and a written exercise to open the body, heart and mind to the power of gratitude. During the practice the science and supportive research behind the benefits of gratitude are shared to help empower the effectiveness of the practice.

Yin: Closing Festival Practice

Sunday March 26th: 16pm – 17:30pm

This practice will serve as a time to reflect, nurture, slow-down and re-ground. Enjoy a deep Yin Yoga practice followed by Yoga Nidra and a long Savasana. This workshop will help restore your body, mind and spirit as you integrate all you learned and explored throughout the festival weekend. Take time for the ultimate relaxation and give yourself an incredible treat as you bring a special weekend to a close.


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